What is it?  It’s a manatee-seal-turtle-dog-bear-OTTER?!! No, WAIT! It’s a MOTTER!




Everyone starts out looking pretty much the same. The earliest stages for horse, fish, chicken, turtle, rabbit, human and otter embryos are almost identical. They look like MOTTERS! A fundamental design for life, motters (otters?!) are the original “matter.”

Unbeknownst to me, I made my first motters at age 10. I had otters in mind, but their rounded little bodies soon became the perfect platform for my imagination. They proliferated as mice, badgers, squirrels, and what ever creature I needed for my game of the day. 

Recently, while digging around in my parents’ basement, I found a box of toys I made as a kid, and in it was that first batch of “otters”. After showing them to friends and family who were charmed by their tiny faces and delightful squeezability, I decided to go back to the sewing machine, where they re-emerged as motters.

May they ride in your sweatshirt, lounge in your palm, and sleep on your pillow at night!